Samsung Jitterbug J In Red – Wellness Phone For Elderly Women

If your grandma hates cell phones, give her the new Jitterbug J in Red handset. In the CES 2010, Samsung unveiled the latest Jitterbug J phone. Touted to be the simplest of the simple phones, the new Jitterbug J in Red is the perfect phone for any cell phone newbie. Designed primarily for the elderly women, the Samsung Jitterbug J in Red has been designed to support the ‘Go Red For Women’, an American Heart Association initiative.

Samsung Jitterbug J in Red
Heart diseases in women are often ignored. However, after menopause, women are as vulnerable as men are to heart illnesses. The Jitterbug J in Red has been designed to spread awareness and to educate women about the dangers of heart diseases. Wellness apps installed in the Jitterbug J in Red handset will display health information on the screen of the Jitterbug phone. To facilitate heart care, users will receive daily health tips from the American Heart Association. People looking for nursing services could access the LiveNurse service, a 24-hour service of registered nurses.

The technical specifications of Jitterbug J in Red are similar to that of the original Jitterbug J handset. Devoid of frills, this simple handset has been designed keeping the needs of the elderly in mind. The clamshell phone features a 1.07 inches external screen and a 2.1 inches internal display.

The main internal display of the phone comes with 176 x 220 pixels resolution and 262K colors support. The sleek body of Jitterbug J measures 2.17 inches (height) x 3.87 inches (width) x 0.97 inches (depth) and weighs 4.06 ounces. When you flip open the oval shaped phone, you will hear the sound of the dial tone just like your landline phone. The keys of the phone are large.

If the elderly phone users are unsure how to dial a number on the Jitterbug handset, they can simply press the zero button, and a remote operator will connect them to their contacts. The phonebook of the Jitterbug J in Red handset could store up to 50 entries. The speakerphone of the handset provides crystal clear sound. The integrated Bluetooth support will facilitate hands free communication.

Jitterbug J in Red will be available from this month.