Samsung Crest Solar-Solar Powered Cheap Phone

samsung-crest-solar While efforts are on to harness the sun’s energy to meet our daily energy needs, Samsung has launched its first solar powered phone – Samsung E1107 Crest Solar. Also known as Solar Guru in India, this phone could be charged anytime in the sun.

Solar Powered Phone
With an hour of charging the solar powered battery in the sun, you will get around five to ten minutes of talk time. The low price of this phone makes it suitable for the rural regions of Southeast and Southwest Asia and Latin America, where irregular electricity supply makes solar charging a viable option. In addition, a solar powered device will economize your energy bill. Environment friendly people would also love this solar powered candy bar phone, only if they are not looking for a high-end smart phone.

Since this is a low-end model, you cannot expect impressive features, which are available in the expensive cell phones. Samsung Crest Solar only includes some extremely necessary features including FM radio, built in flashlight, mobile tracker and MP3 ring tones. It will run on dual band GSM network. The 1.52-inch CSTN display of the phone will support images of 128×128-pixel resolution. If someone steals your phone and changes its SIM card to reuse it, the Mobile Tracker will instantly sent an alert when a new SIM is inserted in the handset.

Crest Solar also offers some interesting features. If you urgently need to escape an embarrassing situation, take aid of the fake call feature of the phone, and pretend, you have an incoming call that needs to be attended immediately.

Samsung Crest Solar offers localized features for some countries. It alerts users about prayer time. To ensure safe riding, it provides incoming call alerts for bikers.

Availability and Price
Samsung Crest Solar will be available in Europe, Latin America, India and countries of Southeast and Southwest Asia from this month. It will cost as low as $59 in the Indian market.