Samsung Bringing ION Powered Netbooks

samsung-n510 In the coming months, we can expect to see some impressive netbooks from Samsung. Lenovo Ideapad S12 ION could expect a tough competition from the upcoming Samsung N510, which will probably be launched in USA in September. This will be a stunning ION powered netbook from the Korean company. N510 will consume little power for running your high-definition videos. Besides N510, Samsung is also preparing to unveil two more netbooks – Samsung N511 and Samsung N508.

Samsung N510 features
Samsung N510 will be powered by NVDIA ION graphics chipset motherboard in combination with Intel Atom N280 processor. The 1.66GHz N280 Intel Atom processor promises to make Samsung N510 faster than other ION powered netbooks, which are currently available in the market. It will feature an 11.6-inch LED backlit display of 1366 x 768-pixel resolution.

The 83 keys antibacterial keyboard will be designed according to Samsung’s Silver Nano Technology. Samsung N510 will have 160GB storage space in its hard drive. It is equipped with 1024MB RAM. A 3 in 1 memory card reader will be integrated in the netbook. Samsung N510 will support WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It will also feature three USB 2.0, VGA and HDMI ports. Samsung N510 is equipped with Intel high definition audio. Two 1.5W speakers are integrated in N510. A 1.3-megapixel webcam is included in the device. Six Lithium-Ion batteries will be required to run this netbook. N510 will be available from September for $599.

Samsung N511 and N508
Information from different sources suggests that these upcoming models of Samsung’s N5xx series will share several features of Samsung N510. It is possible that one or both of these models will run on the ION LE platform.

ION LE is best suited for running on Windows XP operating system.

Moreover, it will include support for DirectX 9. The netbook models incorporating these features will definitely be cheaper than Samsung N510, which will be powered by standard NVDIA ION. However, you can also expect one of these models to be a close clone of N510, running on the standard NVDIA ION platform and including support for DirectX 10, designed for Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.