Salt Substitute For Salt Restricted Diet

Your escalating blood pressure level has forced you to limit your salt consumption. However, for a person accustomed to salty foods, a low salt diet is bland and tasteless. To give your foods the salty taste without loading your plates with piles of sodium you can opt for salt substitutes. Salt substitutes can bring back the salty flavor to your diet without increasing the sodium content in your bloodstream.

Types of salt substitutes

Most salt substitutes used for seasoning foods usually contain potassium chloride. You can also find ‘low sodium’ salt substitute, which are a blend of sodium chloride or common salt and potassium chloride.

Things to remember while using salt substitutes

Salt substitutes containing potassium chloride is usually safe for people on sodium-restricted diet. However, you can’t afford to go over the board with your salt substitute usage. Salt substitutes could not help you to overcome your salt craving, which might be harmful for you in the end. You can replace your regular table salt with potassium chloride based salt substitutes as long as you are free from kidney disease. People on heart or liver medications should monitor their potassium intake.

Low sodium salt substitutes might not be beneficial for people on sodium-restricted diet.

Seasonings as salt substitutes

Salt is needed for covering up the blandness of foods. You can replace table salts with herbs and spices that could enhance the flavor of the dishes without adding either sodium or potassium present in common salt substitutes. Adding something sour to your recipes will reduce your salt requirement. You can substitute the saltiness of the food with lemon juice, tomato puree or vinegar.

You can consider seasoning your foods with popular culinary herbs such as basil, coriander, parsley, thyme, oregano and rosemary. Spices such as cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and cumin could enhance the flavor of your food. Freshly ground pepper could be used for seasoning foods. Garlic and onions could make your dishes tasty even by adding minimal salt to the foods.

It is quite difficult to surrender your salt cravings within a few days. It might require several months to enjoy salt-restricted meals. Once you learn to appreciate new flavors, you can become used to a low sodium diet.