Rose Hips – Benefits

While encouraging growth of rose blossoms by pruning the decaying flowers, we prevent the rose hips from appearing on the rose bushes. However, the berry-like fruits that develop from the fading flowers are powerhouses of essential nutrients. Rose hips are used for making aromatic essential oil. Rose hip tea could cure several illnesses. You can even add the edible seedpods to your salads.

The tastiest rose hips are produced by rugosa roses. The red, orange, purple or black colored berries should be harvested after the first frost. While the slightly soft and bright colored fruits are most suitable for human consumption, the dry and shriveled rose hips are loved by the birds visiting your garden.

Source of vitamin C

Rose hip is a powerhouse of vitamin C. It contains greater amount of vitamin C than citrus fruits. This natural source of vitamin C could protect you from cold, cough and infections. Although rose hips obtained from all types of rose bushes are rich in vitamin C, rose hips harvested from rugosa rose and dog rose are the best sources of this essential vitamin.

Osteoarthritis treatment

Rose hips are beneficial for people suffering from osteoarthritis. This degenerative disease of the joint bone could be treated with the help of rose hips. The anti-inflammatory property of the flavonoids present in rose hips could reduce inflammation, pain and stiffness of the affected joints. Rose hip supplements could reduce your dependence on pain relief medications.

Natural diuretic

Rose hips, especially the ones obtained from dog rose bushes, are natural diuretics. They could be taken by people suffering from edema.

Treats constipation

The mild laxative property of rose hips could ease bowel movement. Rose hips could be used for treating constipation.

For women health

Rose hips could heal heavy menstrual flow. It can reduce uterine cramps. Certain breast problems could be treated with rose hips.

Good for the skin

Rose hip contains skin friendly vitamins and minerals. Despite its mild astringent action, rose hip does not dry or irritate the skin. Rose hip oil is used for treating acne. By stimulating growth of new skin cells, rose hip could treat scars and burns.