Rooibos and Honeybush Teas – Healthy South African Beverages

Rooibos tea Black and green teas are not the only varieties of tea. In South Africa rooibos and honeybush teas are popular beverages that not only quench your thirst, but these rejuvenating beverages are also noted for their immense health benefits.

Rooibos tea benefits
Rooibos tea, also known as red bush tea or red tea, has a sweet and slightly nutty flavor. Being caffeine free, rooibos tea is a refreshing drink that could calm your nerves and help you to sleep. This South African tea is a powerhouse of nutrients. Rooibos tea is beneficial for people suffering from osteoarthritis. Its calcium content could enhance the bone density, while the anti-inflammatory property of the polyphenols, present in rooibos, could effectively treat the inflammation of the arthritis ridden body joints.

This herbal beverage could help to reduce the elevated blood pressure level. If you are suffering from hypertension, drinking a cup of rooibos tea, two to three times a day, could help to normalize your blood pressure level naturally. The antioxidant property of the flavanoids present in rooibos could prevent oxidation of bad cholesterol and prevent plague formation in the blood vessels. Rooibos tea is therefore a heart friendly beverage. The relaxing nature of the drink could help you to overcome anxiety, depression and stress. African folk healers recommend rooibos tea for treating colic pain in infants. The antioxidant property of rooibos tea could rejuvenate your skin. Cool rooibos tea is applied on sites of minor skin infections to cure minor skin problems such as sunburn and acne.

Honeybush tea benefits
Like rooibos tea, honeybush tea is another popular caffeine free drink of South Africa. It is sweeter than rooibos. The soothing property of this beverage is beneficial for treating mild depression, anxiety, stress, headache and sleeping difficulties. Honeybush tea contains a type of modified sugar known as piniton. Piniton could reduce the blood sugar level. This glucose reducing property of honeybush tea makes it a beneficial drink for diabetics.

This popular South African beverage is a rich source of calcium and iron. It is effective for treating anemia developing from iron deficiency. Honeybush tea is recommended for treating allergies. Skin ailments such as nappy rash and eczema could be treated with honeybush tea. This herbal tea is also used for treating indigestion, nausea and constipation.


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