Roof Gardening

roof-gardening1 For many people gardening is not only a work for time pass, but a passion. Gardening is a very good hobby as it leads you to a greener life. People, who are engaged in gardening, lead a happier life. Gardening keeps your mentally and physically fit. However, the main problem that distracts people from gardening is the space limitation. People don’t have that much place at home anymore. So, it becomes a problem to maintain the plants. Roof gardening is a great solution to this problem. The following tips would definitely help you in roof gardening. Check these out.

A Shed is Necessary: Since the roof is entirely open and the sun directly heats and the plants, a shade is necessary. Plants cannot also bear harsh rainfall. Asbestos shed or a fiber shed would save the plants from extreme heat and also from the thunderstorms.

A wooden plate: Always put the plant pots over a wooden plate. At the bottom of the pots, there should be a whole so that water you pour in the plants can drain away. So, if you put the plants directly on the roof floor, it will be harmful for the roof. That is why a wooden plate is always preferred.

Watering: Watering is the most important part of gardening. You must not feel idle to walk up to the roof and water the plants. Since in the roof the plants get enough sun rays, enough amount of water is necessary for the growth of the plants. Sometimes you may have to water the plants twice a day (in the morning and in the evening). However, during, monsoon, you can skip watering some days.

Dig the soil: Sometimes you should dig the soil in the pots of the plants. In the pots the soil gets jammed sometimes and a little digging helps a lot.