Romantic joy: Surprise your spouse

surprise1 Surprises are not meant for parties and anniversaries only. The real surprise is when the person does not expect anything special. You can make the day of your spouse special by giving him/her a surprise. It is these special moments that will be remembered more than big parties.

Giving your spouse a surprise will be worth the effort when you see the joy on their face. Besides, it will add some color and excitement to a hectic, monotonous life.

The surprise doesn’t have to be grand, merely a pleasant surprise. If he or she is reserved by nature, then an elegant cocktail party is probably not the best surprise.

Make dreams come true

Surprise him/her with a gift that he or she has always wanted. It could be a small item of everyday use or a special wish. Your spouse will appreciate the gift as well as your gesture of love. It shows that you listen to them and know them well to give them exactly what they want.

Only you

Plan an outing for both of you that your spouse will love. It could be something they’re interested in like an art exhibition, world cinema or a sports game.

You may not enjoy doing these things so much. But your spouse will appreciate that you care about them and are willing to make this small sacrifice for them.

Nothing special at all

Write a love letter and hide it in a place where your spouse will find it unexpectedly, like a drawer, the refrigerator etc. Surprise him/her with flowers delivered to their office in the middle of the day. Learn how to make their favorite dish and surprise them with it for dinner.

Surprise weekend

Plan a weekend trip to a place that has happy memories for both of you. Or surprise your spouse with a vacation to their dream destination.

Surprise your way to a happy and romantic relationship with your spouse!