Ride bikes and stay healthy

Riding bicycles Most children love riding bikes; and several grown-ups cherish the memory of their first bike. People generally ride bikes through streets and in parks, racing and enjoying the environment. Riding bicycles is not just a recreational sport; it is a beneficial and healthy exercise for all those who practice it regularly.

Riding bicycles is much better than driving vehicles in different ways. If your workplace and your house aren’t situated too far from each other, you can ride your bicycle to work daily. You’ll never have to worry about maintenance charges, gasoline prices etc. Finding a parking spot for a bicycle won’t be as difficult as that for a car.

For yourself and others as well
By using a bicycle instead of a car, you’ll be reducing the already heavy pollution in the environment. Clean and healthy air to breathe will benefit not only others but also you, your family and the generations to come.

Ride, exercise and stay fit
Many complain that they have no time to exercise. People spend money on expensive memberships in gymnasiums, but end up being irregular members because of time constraints. The much-desired exercise firmly remains an imaginary concept.

Riding a bicycle is the best form of exercise as you can do it on the go. Ride your bike to work if you’re pressed for time. You’ll get the exercise you need and also reach home or work on time, without having to rush to or from the gym.

Healthy heart, happy mind
Bicycle riding is good for the heart as it reduces the chances of heart disease. It is also good for blood circulation and blood pressure. A nice, long round of bicycle riding will make you feel much better and happier – you’ll have had a good exercise as well as a pleasant time.

You may not become like Lance Armstrong, but good health and increased fitness levels will make you feel like a star anyway!


  • r4i

    Great article. Cycling is a great fun activity that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. A fantastic workout, it not only enables you to derive pleasure, but also goes a long way in ensuring your overall fitness.