Rental decor-decorating a rental apartment

decorating-a-rental-apartment Renting a room is not the same as buying your own house. You do not own the property and the landlord dictates the terms and conditions. Living in a rental apartment can thus become difficult because of the restrictions placed upon the tenant.

Nevertheless, you need to feel at home in that rental space for as long as you live there. It’s not easy coming home to a dreary apartment. So what can you do in terms of décor to make the place feel like home?

Read the rules
Firstly, know and understand your contract thoroughly. There may be certain things that the landlord may have prohibited such as painting the house. You may agree to repaint when you leave; but if you don’t return the room to its original color, you could face trouble with the landlord.

Best out of waste
Learn to be happy with what you have. If you don’t like the plain boring color of the walls, complaining won’t change it. Instead find ways to work around the negative aspects of the house. Creativity and an open mind can go a long way in helping you transform your rental house into a lovely home.

Add color alternatives
Bring color into the house in different ways. Cover the windows with colorful curtains. If your sofas and chairs are white or beige, then adorn them with throws and cushions of different shades.

The coffee table can be covered with a printed tablecloth. Or you can place colorful magazines and a vase of flowers to beautify the room. Pictures on the wall and framed family photographs also add a colorful touch to the room.

The kitchen
It’s not possible to place pictures and pillows in the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with the dull colors of the counter, cabinets and walls. Colorful plastic jars to hold the spices brighten up the place. Cover your refrigerator with multihued magnets. You can also display your child’s artwork.

Bring in some plants to add life to the rooms. Your rental apartment is now transformed into your own home.