Remove those Blackheads

blackheads Blackheads one your nose cannot be removed forever. They keep coming back and you have to remove them every time. It is a very irritating job for sure. However, if you don’t remove those blackheads it looks really odd and your face becomes dull. All your makeup and glow become useless for those blackheads on the nose. However, there are lots of tricks to deal with those ugly spots. You just have to be patient and remove those blackheads before they grow darker. Blackheads should be removed when they are young, as it is easy to remove them at that stage. Once they grow darker and stronger, it become tough to clean them. Some tricks to remove blackheads are given below. Check them out and clean your nose properly.

Nose Strips: Nose strips are very much available in the markets. It is probably the best and the easiest way to remove blackheads from your nose. It takes not time also. Take a nose strip and stick it well over your nose. Then remove it very fast (not slowly) so that all the blackheads come out with the strip and you don’t feel the pain much.

Scrubbing: Scrubbing your face is really helpful for removing those aggressive blackheads. Various types of scrubbers are available in the market. Take a little scrubber and apply it over your nose. Rub it gently for some time and then wash off with lukewarm water. Practice this process every time the blackheads reappear. If needed, do this everyday.

The salt therapy: Mix a pinch of salt with a few drops of mustered oil in a dish and apply this mixture on your nose. Keep rubbing gently for few minutes. You will see a magical result after you wash your nose. The salt and oil together act as scrubber and remove the blackheads from their roots.