Remove blood stains from fabric clothes

blood stains clothes We use different types of fabric clothes in our daily life. But we fear of using them because of stains. Once a stain is formed in those clothes, it gets tougher to remove. The most difficult is the blood stain. Blood stains can form on the clothes due to some accidents or others, but it can be removed easily if you follow the follow steps with patience and diligence.

If the blood stain is wet, then at first dry it with the help of a paper towel. Now if the stain is dry from before then you should not pretreat it anyway, pretreating may cause the damage more.

Now, mix some detergent and hydrogen peroxide in a bowl and then with a sponge try to soak as much as stain from the fabric cloth. The sponge should be half squeezed to avoid dribbling. You should keep a watch on the washing instructions as prescribed for the cloth.

Then try to wash the cloth under cool water and air dry it if the cloth is machine washable. You can also use Oxy- clean, a special type of solution used in the laundries, to get the stain off quickly. Never try to soak it in warm water.

If the fabric is hand washable then wash it with detergents like Woolite in a sink. This a very mild detergent used for delicate clothes.

If possible try to dry the cloth in air without putting it under a hot air. Avoid heat over the stain if the stain is not removed properly because heat can cause the stain to be more firm on the cloth.

At the first step you can also use ammonia with detergent to soak off the stain from the cloth. Ammonia acts as a reagent for this. You can also use good quality of stain removers for the purpose.

At last do not try to clean some delicate clothes such as woolen clothes, silk clothes etc by yourself. Always approach for a laundry for the purpose, as washing them directly under water may put water spots on them which can’t be removed anymore.