Remedies for Urticaria

Urticaria Remedies for Urticaria

urticaria is a skin inflammation caused by the histamines produced in the body. This can be a result of allergic reaction like bites of a bed bud, bee, wasp, mosquito etc. Allergic to certain foods like cheese, eggs, chocolate, fish, berries or nuts may also cause this disease. Similarly use of certain drugs, environmental factors, emotional stress etc may also cause this inflammation. It causes eruptions on the skin and it may vary in size and shape.

These rashes may appear on some parts of the body or on the whole body. The eruptions may fade in minutes to hours and then at times reappear on some other parts of the body. It may also accompany with itching, pain, swelling, fever, digestive problem and prostration. If the symptoms last up to six weeks then it can be acute urticaria. If it lasts more than six weeks then it is chronic urticaria. The following remedies may help you to ease the discomforts of urticaria.


Rose water and vinegar

Mix about 25 ml of vinegar with 35 ml of rosewater. Apply this mixture on the inflated skin and this may help you t get rid of the irritations immediately.


Take a cup of water mixed with two teaspoon turmeric powder daily and this may help you to ease the discomforts of urticaria.


Dissolve almost 12 grams of salt in a glass of water and drink this water. It gives relief especially when you have digestive disorders along with skin eruptions.

Fruit Diet

Adopt a fruit diet to get down the gastro intestinal problems that creates urticaria. A five days fruit diet along with a lot of warm water may help you to get relief from urticaria. You must take at least three meals with fruits per day and you can use pineapple, peaches, pears, grapes, apples and papaya.


Get about 7 grams of mint leaves and 25 grams of brown sugar and mix it with 175 ml of water. Boil this mixture and drink the water in a day. This may reduce the itching on the skin.

Try to get enough fresh air and sunlight and take care to avoid cold water and cold weather.