Remedies for Orchitis

Orchitis Orchitis

Orchitis is the infection on both or single testicles. It may be because of bacterial or viral infection. The virus that causes mumps can also lead to orchitis. Orchitis caused by mumps may also lead to testicular atrophy. The bacterial infection in the epididymis may later turn in to orchitis. Sexually transmitted disease like syphilis, gonorrhea etc may also leads to orchitis. Person having urinary infection or using for catheter long period may also get this disease.

Orchitis cause pain and swelling in the testis and there may also be a red or purple coloration on the testis. Sometimes there may be blood in the semen. If this disease is left untreated then it may leads to infertility. The following remedies may help you to treat the disease at home itself.

Remedies for Orchitis

Cold Packs

Apply cold packs on the scrotum and this will reduce the inflammation and irritation.


A person having orchitis must take good rest. You have to lie down and care should be taken to keep the scrotum at an elevated position while lying down. You must use neat and clean undergarments and use only mild soaps to wash the cloths and bathing.

Coccinia Leaf Extract

Leaf extracts of coccinia are found to have excellent anti-bacterial property and thus it can be safely used for treating orchitis. Boil ten leaves of coccinia in a cup of water and this will help you to extract the ingredients from the leaves. Then filter the contents and drink 20 ml of this leaf extract two times a day. Continue this for about a week and this will help you to get rid of this disease.

Dandelion Tea

Make a cup of tea out of dandelion and drink this daily for about a week. This will help you to get rid of the pain, discomfort and inflammation.

Caltrop Tribulus terrestris

Caltrop leaf extract has good anti-bacterial property and it can be used for treating orchitis. Boil 10 caltrop leaves in a cup of water for thirty minutes and strain the liquid. Drink this liquid extract thrice a day for a week.