Remedies for Laryngitis

Laryngitis Remedies for Laryngitis

Inflammation of the larynx is called laryngitis. This inflammation may cause irritation and difficulties to speak. Laryngitis may be the result of viral or bacterial infection or may be due to the abuse of voice like yelling, shouting, etc. Laryngitis causes hoarseness to the voice and at times leads to complete loss of the voice.

Symptoms of Laryngitis

In the initial stage there will be dryness and a little redness with in the larynx. There may a formation of a thin layer of mucus in between the vocal cords. At times there may be dry cough, fever, sore throat and there may be a tickling in the back throat.

Remedies for Laryngitis

The most common solution for laryngitis is to keep your throat as moist as possible. Drink a lot of luke warm water and avoid the fluids that are too cold or too hot. You can also drink fresh juices. Tea sweetened with honey, ginger tea, lemon tea cider vinegar etc are good for curing laryngitis. If you are planning to gargle with salt water then it may cause more harm to your throat rather than causing any benefit. Also try to avoid alcohol, recreational drugs and coffee. Mentholated and mint products should be avoided as they may cause more drying in the throat.

Give proper rest to your vocal cord as the over use of vocal cords may also cause same problem. Never try to whisper while you have laryngitis as whispering may cause more strain to the vocal than speaking in a normal voice.

If you have a habit of smoking then avoid that habit as smoke, dust and vapors may cause irritation and stress to the vocal cord and the mucous membrane in the vocal cord. Try to inhale moist air or steam that may help you to improve the conditions of your throat.

If your throat problem persist more than a week and if you have difficulty in swallowing food or if you have blood in your spit then it will be better to consult a doctor.