Remedies for Hysteria

Hysteria Remedies for Hysteria

Hysteria is a nervous disorder that leads to psychological problems. The patients may react excessively towards the environment around them and at times becomes violent. Most of them try to imitate someone else’s disease and complains about having a disease even though they are physically fit. They may show headache, inability to speak, suffocation, respiratory problems, cramps in muscles etc. Anxiety, depression, stress, sexual abuse, sexual repression, fear, heredity, idleness etc cause hysteria. This is common at a period between adolescence and early adulthood and is more common in women than in men. You can treat hysteria at your end and the following measures may help you to treat the disorder.

Remedies for Hysteria


Try to cook your food in little fat. Consume as much as fruits and vegetables like grapes, oranges, papayas, pineapple, orange, apple, lettuce etc. It will be better to take a fruit diet that includes at least three meals of juicy fruits. But take care to avoid dry fruits. You can follow this fruit diet with an all milk diet for about one month. Avoid coffee, tobacco, alcohol,  white sugar, tea and the products made out of it from your diet.

Gooseberry and Lettuce Juice

Make cup of fresh lettuce juice and to this add one teaspoon of gooseberry juice. Take this mixture of juices in empty stomach daily morning. Continue this for about one month.


Include asafoetida in your daily diet at a rate of one gram per day.

Jambul Fruit

This is an ideal remedy for hysteria. Soak three kg of jambul fruit and a handful salt in a jug containing water. Keep the jug in sun light for about one week. Then take three hundred grams of this fruit along with one cup of water. Continue this process for two weeks.


One tablespoon honey daily will help to get rid of this disease.

Bottle gourd

Make pulp out of bottle gourd fruit and apply this all over the patient’s head. This is a good treatment for hysteria.