Rejuvenate Yourself In Dead Sea Spa

Dead Sea spa For centuries, people from all over the world head to Dead Sea, which is perhaps the most fabulous natural spa of the world. The mineral laden water, the black mud and the pollution free environment of the Dead Sea region is a great place to enjoy a healthy vacation. Several spas and resorts have sprung up on the Israeli and Jordanian sides of the Dead Sea, offering revitalizing spa therapies to the visitors.

Benefits of Dead Sea spa
Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth. In Hebrew, Dead Sea is known as Yam Hamelach, meaning sea of salt. Due to extremely high rate of evaporation, the water of the Dead Sea has a high concentration of salt and minerals, making it unsuitable for the survival of fish and other water creatures. The salts and minerals of the region are beneficial for the skin. Although, the Dead Sea region receives a lot of sunshine throughout the year, owing to its depth, the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun are filtered through extra layers of the atmosphere, making the region quite safe for sun bathing.

The black mud of Dead Sea is packed with magnesium, silicates, natural tar and organic substances found in the shoreline. There is a wide range of benefits of bathing in the water of Dead Sea and receiving a refreshing massage with the Dead Sea mud. The Dead Sea mud is used for exfoliation. It cleanses the skin, making it soft and supple. The minerals present in the mud have medicinal properties that are effective in treating several skin diseases.

Mud baths, mud wraps and mud massages promote blood circulation, improving the condition of your skin and health. The magnesium, potassium, calcium and bromide salts present in the water of Dead Sea could heal body pain, reduce arthritis and relaxes the mind.

Dead Sea Spas
The hotel spas of the region offer several beauty and health treatments. The noted hotel spas of the region have facilities for sulfur baths, massage treatment, mud therapy and indoor and outdoor thermo-mineral pools. On the Israeli side of Dead Sea, popular spas include Radisson Moriah Plaza Spa, Carlton Galei Zohar Spa, Hyatt Regency Dead Sea Health Club, Radisson Moriah Garden Spa, Hod Spa, Lot Spa and Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Dead Sea Spa. On the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea are located Zara Spa, Jordan Valley Marriot Resort & Spa and Anantara Spa.