Refrigerator art

refrigerator Is your refrigerator just a place to store food and drinks or do you give it a more significant place in your life? This is not to say that you should display it in the center of the living room. But it wouldn’t hurt to replace those food stains on the door with something more attractive.

People use the refrigerator door for showcasing their children’s artwork or for reminders and phone messages. With a little creativity, the refrigerator can become a subject of conversation for guests in your home; and not just because of what it contains.

In small apartments, studios and dorm rooms, the refrigerator is one of the few places that offer some decorative potential. Make the most of this wonderful appliance that can please your gustatory as well as visual senses.

Spick and span
The first essential step to refrigerator decoration is cleanliness. Don’t use stickers and magnets to hide spills and stains. Spend some time cleaning the refrigerator inside out to keep unpleasant odors at bay.

Organized chaos
There’s no rule about displaying art on refrigerators. You can choose to have a theme or not. Family photographs, postcards, souvenirs etc can all adorn your refrigerator door. However, anything that’s valuable or expensive should be protected well, or not displayed at all.

The artist in you
Let out your hidden artistic potential by using the refrigerator to showcase your original artwork. Kids will also feel happy to see their drawings up on the door. Use attractive refrigerator magnets to support the artwork.

Magnets can be bought or even made from old and broken things lying around the house. Pendants, brooches and clips that are in disuse can be converted into refrigerator magnets. You can engage the children in making magnets for the refrigerator by using cardboard and paint.

Multipurpose door
A colorful notepad or calendar attached with a magnet can be mounted on the refrigerator door. It lets you keep track of dates and to-do tasks as you work in the kitchen.

Art is all around us – we just need to see it!