Reducing snoring naturally

reducing-snoring Snoring occurs because of the vibration of the back part of the roof of the mouth, known as soft plate. At night the muscles supporting the airway opening of the upper part of the throat relax during sleep, so the extra tissue between the tonsils vibrate with each breathe and thus it causes the snoring. It generally happens to some persons , when the airway suddenly closes at a point


The general symptoms of snoring are nasal sound high or low pitch, regular or irregular with deep breathing.


The main causes of snoring can be due to blocking of the airway of the throat. It generally happens when we are sleeping on our back.

Snoring can also occur if some one has large tongue or adenoids. Snoring also occurs if we are suffering form cold or enlarged tonsillitis.

Other causes includes age, people who are older are much prone to snoring. Snoring can also occur due to factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, medications etc.

Home remedies

There are some simple and uselful tips that you can use to stop snoring

The first is to reduce weight. Proper diet and exercise helps to control snoring up to a lot extent. Persons who are more flabby are more prone to snoring

You must stop periodic smoking habits. Over smoking blocks the airway of the throat which results in snoring.

You should also avoid alcohols and other beverages. These softens the muscles near the back of the mouth and people becomes prone to smoking.

Always try to sleep on you side . That is you should try to sleep on your side rather than on your back to avoid snoring.

But if the snoring does not stop in any way after using  all  of  these , you should consult a doctor and go for a surgery.