Red rose – red-themed wedding

red-themed wedding Red is considered the most favorite color for many people and thus used in clothed and accessories. Choosing a color theme wedding ensures that you can indulge in your favorite color without guilt. Red is a bright, striking color and will stand out at your wedding ceremony and reception. Nevertheless, while decorating, remember that too much of anything is bad.

Think red, but right
Traditionally, in weddings in the West, brides usually wear white gowns. However, in other cultures, India, for example, the bride’s trousseau is red. Blending the two and wearing a red gown might not be the best idea, especially if yours is a traditional wedding. If you plan to have an Indian ceremony, you can wear a traditional Indian bridal dress.

A white gown may be given red accents with delicate red-colored embroidery on the skirt or top. Sparkling red beads on the blouse also add a glamorous touch to the wedding dress. Furthermore, jewelry and accessories can also incorporate the red color theme without seeming extravagant.

Red dresses for the bridesmaid and flower girls are a good way to introduce red color in your wedding. The groom and best man can wear red ties and also red boutonnieres.

Ceremony colors
If the ceremony is in a church, avoid adding too much red in the décor. Red and white artificial flowers and ribbons on the pews and red petals strewn on the aisle would be sufficient. Bunches of red flowers placed at the entrance and front of the church wouldn’t be entirely incongruous either.

Red at the reception
Tablecloths in red hues accented with centerpieces of yellow roses and light red napkins tied with golden napkin rings would brighten up the reception area. Ensure that the background color on the walls is white or a light shade just so that the effect of red isn’t overwhelming.

Introduce a Valentine’s Day touch in your wedding with a heart-shaped centerpiece, decorated with red roses. The wedding favors can be wrapped in red boxes or wrapping paper and tied with gold ribbon.

Fill your wedding with the color of love and passion.

  • If you are planning a red themed wedding one of the items you may consider purchasing to accent your reception hall is wedding favors. The color red is an extremely strong color. Too much can be too harsh on your guests’ eyes, so aim to decorate your wedding with red accents