Recipes for Teens With Celiac Disease

asian-steak Recipes for Teens With Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an auto-immune disorder seen in kids as well as in adults. Those who are suffering from this disease will have a very sensitive lining in their small intestine which is allergic to a protein called gluten. Presence of gluten in their diet will cause problem in digesting the food resulting in foul smelling diarrhea. They may also suffer from lactose intolerance. Such kids need a diet that is free of gluten for being healthy. Here are some recipes for them.

Asian Steak

Take two tablespoon chopped ginger, five cloves of garlic, 1/3 cup of vinegar, two tablespoon wheat free soy sauce, red pepper flakes and ¼ cup chopped onion and blend them well in a food processor till it becomes a smooth paste.

Get one and quarter pound of fat trimmed lean flank steak in a bowl and marinate the two sides of the steak with half of the marinade. Keep the steak in a refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Keep the leftover marinade also in the fridge. Now you have to grill both sides of the steak for about 7 minutes in a medium heat.

Take the remaining marinade in a pan and to this add quarter cup of water and boil the contents in low flame for about 4 minutes. Then toss three cups of trimmed watercress, ¼ cup of chopped onion and one medium sized grated carrot with the marinade. There after you have to slice the steak in to thin strips and serve it on the salad.

Berry Smoothie

This is a recipe that helps to make a drink in five minutes. You can try different berries according your choice. It will be a fat free diet with only 3 milligram cholesterol and 7 gram protein.

Tale half cup each of strawberries and raspberries and one cup fat free vanilla yogurt in a blender. To this add 1/3 cup of skimmed milk and blend the entire content well to make a fine mixture. Now your smoothie is ready to have and you will get two servings from this blend.