Raspberry Tea – Beverage for women

You might have heard about the healthy benefits of raspberries. For several centuries, folk healers have revered the raspberry leaves more than the berries for their immense medicinal use. A cup of raspberry tea could help to heal several health problems, especially problems concerning women’s health.

Raspberry tea nutrition

Raspberry leaves as well as the fruits are rich sources of vitamin C. Compared to popular vitamin C rich fruits such as oranges or lemons, you might find greater amount of this antioxidant vitamin in raspberry. The leaves of the raspberry tree also contain fair amounts of vitamin A, E and several B vitamins. You could even find calcium, potassium, phosphorous and iron is adequate doses in the raspberry leaves. Therefore, you can easily imagine the nutritional value of a cup of raspberry leaf tea.

Woman’s herb

The beneficial role of raspberry tea in curing problems associated with woman’s health, makes raspberry tea the perfect beverage for women. This women’s herb is believed to ease labor. Fragrine, a type of alkaloid present in the raspberry leaves, helps to tone the uterus muscles, helping the uterus to contract forcefully during labor. Moreover, the calcium content in raspberry leaves could suitably regulate the nerve response during labor, reducing labor pain. Herbalists recommend raspberry tea during pregnancy and even during lactation.

Raspberry tea could reduce the risk of miscarriage. The nutrient rich beverage will supply essential nutrients and vitamins to the mother’s body, which is beneficial for the development of the fetus. Vitamin E present in raspberry leaves will enhance blood circulation in the mother’s body. After delivery, a woman should continue taking raspberry tea. Fragrine will continue to tone the uterus muscles, helping the uterus to attain its normal shape easily. During lactation, this nutritious herbal tea will provide nutrients to the mother’s milk.

Raspberry tea is beneficial for menstruating women. It could reduce the pain and excess bleeding during periods.

Women bothered by leucorrhea could find this tea helpful in curing their woes.

Depression remedy

Raspberry tea could be used for treating post partum depression and postmenopausal depression. For both men and women, this is a great beverage for reducing your midlife blues.