Rain and fun days

rain-and-fun-days How can rain be fun if it spoils your plans for an outing with family or friends? Even if you can’t go outside, enjoy the wonderful time indoors. The rain may have spoilt your plans, but don’t let it spoil your mood as well.

Nipping into a good book
When the weather is cold, it feels great to cuddle up in the house with a warm blanket, a hot cup of coffee and a good book. Choose a thrilling murder mystery or a mushy romantic story, according to your interest. The time will fly by in an entertaining way.

The best part about reading a book is that you don’t need electricity for it. If the thundershowers cause a power cut, then light up a dozen candles and read in the soft candlelight.

Spending time with loved ones
Not everyone loves a good read and some may not have the leisure of reading peacefully in a crowded home. They can use this time to be with their family. Often in the hustle and bustle of daily life, we don’t have time to stop and talk to our closest relatives.

Being stuck indoors and not able to work is a blessing in disguise. Talk to your family and catch up with the latest news and gossip. Share stories about your lives or reminisce about the past. Play fun family games like Scrabble or Charades.

Cook and clean
If you’re not the type to sit around and have fun even when its raining, then roll up your sleeves and get to work on your house. Use this time to do the cleaning that you avoid or don’t have time for on weekdays.

Develop or indulge in your cooking skills. Bake cookies, cakes or even bread loaves for a delicious homemade meal. Sift through the cookbooks for a dish you’ve never tried before and start cooking. The reward for your efforts is the tasty meal you’ve prepared all by yourself.

And if just can’t tolerate being indoors, go out and get wet in the rain!