Quit Smoking Naturally

Quit Smoking We are all aware about the hazardous side effects of smoking. Nonetheless, reiterating the injuries caused by smoking to your health might provoke you to consider quitting this harmful habit. Smoking is not only harmful for the smokers, but the non-smokers present around the smoker are also adversely affected by the tobacco smoke. It is estimated that by lighting a cigarette, nearly 43 carcinogenic substances are produced, which are inhaled by the active smoker as well as the passive smokers. Smoking is one of the primary reasons responsible for causing cancer, especially lung cancer. It causes breathing problems, respiratory illnesses, heart diseases, bad breath and nausea. The free radicals released in the body through smoking, increases the risk of premature aging. Smoking is extremely harmful for the unborn fetus. Active smoking or exposure to tobacco smoke from second hand smoking could cause miscarriage, birth defects and even death of the fetus. As a whole, smoking significantly damages the quality of life and lowers life expectancy.

Support of family and friends
To quit smoking you need the support of your family and friends. If people around you encourage you to quit smoking, it becomes easier for you to quit this harmful habit.

Avoid factors that trigger smoking
You might find smoking convenient to handle stress. Stress management is often beneficial for giving up smoking. Often smoking accompanies drinking alcohol or coffee. To leave smoking, you should stay away from alcohol and caffeine that trigger your smoking habit. Refined carbohydrate products and sugary foods could increase your urge to smoke. Staying away from these foods helps to quit smoking.

Breathing exercises
Deep breathing exercises have helped several former smokers to give up their smoking habit. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, take a very deep breath, fill your lungs with air and gradually exhale. This helps smokers to release tension and stress.

Chewing gum
Chewing sugar free gum or cinnamon sticks could reduce your desire to smoke.

Modify your lifestyle
Regular exercise and eating low calorie nutritious foods help to improve the state of your physical health. Once you realize the advantages of leading a smoking-free life, you can easily retain your healthy lifestyle.