Quick and easy dessert recipes

dessert-recipes When guests or family dinners are on the verge, everyone starts thinking of preparing something special for dessert. However, what if one does not have enough time to try an elaborate dessert recipe?

There is nothing to worry about in such cases. In a few quick and simple steps, you can whip up great dessert dishes. Here are a few quick ones:

Grape Delight

For making this sweet-dish, all one requires are bunches of sweet grapes (green and red), some cream, honey and cherries.

Wash the grapes properly and mix both grape varieties in a proportionate manner. Take a bowl and add a layer of honey in the bottom. Arrange the grapes uniformly over the honey layer.

But remember to save enough grapes for a second layer. After this, add a layer of white cream over the layer of grapes. Make it slightly thick and spread it uniformly all over.

Now arrange the next layer of grapes over this cream layer. Now add two-three spoonful of honey over this second layer. Pour it evenly over all the grapes. One can also arrange the grapes in a specific pattern to make the dessert look attractive.

Now adorn the dessert dish with a few cherries. Put it in the freezer for some hours and serve after lunch or dinner.

Nuts kissed with Chocolate

This too is a very simple dish and requires a few ingredients. However, one has to first prepare some chocolate sauce for this recipe.

Ingredients needed to prepare this dish include cocoa powder, milk powder, butter, sugar, warm water and dry fruits.

Take a bowl and add one cup of cocoa powder with two cups of milk powder. Remember, the amount of milk powder should double that of cocoa powder.

Now heat some water in a saucer. Once the water is slightly warm, start adding little quantities of it to the ‘cocoa and milk’ mixture. Mix the two gradually to get a liquid-paste substance.

Now heat a pan and when the pan is sufficiently heated, add some sugar to it. Keep stirring the sugar until it caramelizes. Make sure it does not get cold. Once the sugar becomes liquid, add it in little amounts to the cocoa-milk powder mixture.

Start whipping the mixture properly. Make it liquid, but somewhat thick and viscose. Add some butter for making it smoother. Once the mixture gets a sauce like texture, take some dry-fruits like cashews, almonds, raisins etc.

Start dipping them in the mixture so that they get a thick coat all over them. Before coating the dry fruits, taste the chocolate sauce to make sure that it has got the right amount of sugar and milk.

Once all the nuts are dipped, arrange them in a tray and put them in the refrigerator. Allow the chocolate to solidify. Once it gets solid, serve them as dessert.