Quick and easy appetizers

appetizers Appetizers are a perfect option to start a meal. Also, if one has a little hunger to satiate then a few quick appetizers can do the trick. Here are a few quick appetizer recipes:

Crunchy tidbit

It’s a very simple recipe. All one needs to prepare crunchy tidbits are small salty biscuits or tortilla chips. Other than this, if there is any spare food, salad or other such stuff at home then it can also be used for this item.

All one requires to do is to arrange it on the biscuits and chips. Now choose any particular biscuit and put a slice of cheese over it.

Put some chopped onions, green chillies, tomatoes and mashed potatoes over the cheese slice. Now to spice it up, add a little bit of tamarind sauce and coriander leaves for a garnish.

One can also try different kinds of toppings on them. For instance, put a slice of boiled egg on the biscuit or chip. Put a slice of tomato over it and some spare noodles along with salt and pepper.

Try chopping some fresh olive and mix it with boiled legumes. Spice them up with chilli sauce, salt and lemon juice and put the toppings over the biscuit. There are a thousand choices one has to prepare these crunchy tidbits.

One can use mushrooms, corn, baby-corn, cottage cheese, meat slices etc. as toppings as well.

Bread crunchies

This is yet another simple recipe which requires minimum effort. All one needs is a few slices of sandwich bread. Now take a pan and put some butter in it.

Cut the sandwich bread in small square pieces. Put the small pieces on the heated butter in the pan and let it become brown. Before turning the piece, smear some butter on the upper side as well. Now, turn it and let it get golden brown as well.

Once all the pieces are fried, arrange the buttery bread pieces to a plate. Add a slice of boiled potato on the top of a piece. Put some boiled peas on the potato. Now add some salt and pepper and gorge on.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try them out.