Puppies Food

Puppy Food

Puppies grow fast in first  year and they will develop in to a full fledged adult in 12 to 24 months time. Hence they need good nutrition to develop physically and mentally.

A healthy and active puppy will burn almost three times calories than an adult dog. Hence puppy foods need to be rich in nutrients like protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, vitamin D etc for the proper development of organs and tissues.

How Much to Feed

Puppies have small stomach but a large appetite so it will be ideal to feed them with little food at frequent intervals.  You need to feed them depending on their age. A puppy of two to three months age require four meals a day while the one between four to six months require two to three meals a day. A puppy over the age of six months need two meals per day. You should not  over feed the puppy as it may cause digestive problem. .

Puppy Foods

While choosing puppy foods care should be taken to avoid foods that contain bye products of meat and instead select the one that contains whole meat. Puppy foods that are rich in meat  is considered to be the best. Also  puppy foods should contain less grains. Also avoid the puppy foods that contain soy meals, wheat, corn meals etc as it may cause allergies in puppies.  Puppy  feed with animal fat should be avoided it as it may be a low quality animal fat and it may cause digestion problems in puppies. Also feeds with

chemical preservatives are harmful to their health. It may results in kidney damage and cancer. Instead of that choose puppy foods that contain natural preservatives like vitamin E, mixed tocopherols etc.

You can choose two or three different puppy foods in rotation and while choosing select one that contains more beef, the other with more chicken and next with more turkey and this will avoid the boredom of repetition. For enjoyment or to improve dental health, give your puppy a raw and meaty bone. You can also add a fresh meat piece in your puppy food once in a while and this will provide additional nutrition to your puppy.

Take care not to feed your puppy soon after or before exercising as it will help you to prevent the incidence of twisting the stomach. It will be ideal if you stick to a specific brand unless you have any problem.