“Psst…someone has a crush on you”: know the signs of a crush

crush on you When it comes to crushes, age and gender don’t matter. Men and women both can get crushes for someone of the opposite sex. This strong feeling of liking is usually kept a secret. However, some gesture or expression usually reveals the truth.

If you want to know whether someone has a crush on you, observe him or her subtly for a period of time. You may be able to read the signs of a crush in his look and behavior.

Has he/she got the look?
People who have crushes on someone usually try to catch a glimpse of them as often as possible. If you catch someone looking at you constantly, he or she may have a crush on you.

The dress, the style
When someone has a crush, they constantly try to impress the object of their affection. A man will take trouble to shave regularly, appear neat and clean and dress carefully. A strong hint of cologne won’t be amiss on their person either.

A woman will wear attractive clothes and pay special attention to makeup, jewelry and hairstyle. Of course, most women always do this, but for a crush they’ll do it even more so. These are just ways of catching the attention of the person they like and perhaps eliciting an appreciative smile or compliment.

Talking the talk of love
You’ll know that a person has a crush on you by observing the way they talk to you or around you. During a conversation, they’ll be attentive and smile constantly. Some others show their liking by teasing and arguing, just to keep talking to you.

When you’re around, the person who has a crush on you may become tongue-tied suddenly or change the subject of conversation. If his/her friends know about you, they may, by gesture or words, indicate their friend’s admiration of you.

Once you’re sure about the crush, you can respond accordingly, depending on how you feel about that person.