PsiXpda – A Stylish Pocket Computer

PIXADA With the plethora of smartphones available in the market, there is no specific reason why you should opt for a standalone pocket computer. Nonetheless, if you can’t overcome the attraction of a quaint PDA with a keyboard, the PsiXpda has arrived for you.

PsiXpda features
Inspired undoubtedly by the Psion PDA, PsiXpda, according to its maker is the ultimate pocket computer. Its clamshell design makes this handheld computer a stylish device that could slip into the pocket of any gadget freak professional. The 5 inches capacitive touch screen of the pocket computer could be a suitable replacement of a tablet PC. Supporting images of 800 x 480 pixels resolution, you can expect to see sharp and precise images on the display of the PsiXpda PDA. The bezel of the touch display of the pocket computer holds an integrated trackpad and mouse buttons.

Although, the touch screen of this small computing device is not equipped with an accelerometer, you can switch the images between landscape and portrait views manually with the help of key commands. To enjoy a more comfortable computing experience, simply open the clamshell body of the PDA and use the QWERTY keyboard for typing. The keyboard, despite its small size, with 64 keys and back illumination is no different from the keyboard of your netbook. The 1.1 GHz Intel Atom Z510 processor powers the pocket computer. The Atom processor would match the speed of any standard netbook. The graphics of PsiXpda pocket computer is supported by Intel chip. PsiXpda pocket computer supports 1 GB RAM. It has 16 GB internal storage space. The microSD slot fitted into the device will allow you to expand the external storage space of the pocket computer with the help of a memory card.

PsiXpda is equipped with full USB port for attaching peripherals and for installing alternative operating system. PsiXpda will be shipped with Windows XP Home Edition. It will come with a VGA webcam. Incorporating high-definition audio technology, PsiXpda sports internal speaker and microphone to enhance the audio experience. It also includes 2.5mm headset jack and Bluetooth support. To ensure speedy data transfer, PsiXpda features 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

PsiXpda carries a price tag of ₤500 or $830.