PS3 Slim Arrives For Gaming Enthusiasts

ps3-slim If PS3 is still missing from your gaming console portfolio, then instead of buying the current Play Station 3 version, you can contemplate laying your hands on the upcoming PS3 model – PS3 Slim. PS3 Slim, unveiled at the GamesCom 2009 being held in Cologne in Germany, is not only slimmer than the current PS3, but it also has better specs and a lower price tag.

PS3 Slim features
The body of the upcoming PS3 Slim will be 33 percent smaller and 36 percent lighter than the current PS3. It will have a 120 GB hard drive. PS3 Slim will come with the offer of free Play Station network membership. It will support high definition video images with 1080p HDMI resolution output. PS3 Slim has also incorporated Blu-ray player. It will include Dual Shock 3 controller. This upcoming video game console will include most of the features of the current edition of PS3.

PS3 price and availability
PS3 Slim will be available from September 1 for $300. Currently PS3 Slim is available for presale order from Kmart and Sears. After launching PS3 Slim, it now remains to be seen whether Sony would slash the prices of the other PS3 models that are currently available in the market. When you can buy a 120GB PS3 slim for $300, why should anyone opt for an 80GB PS3 at the same price. By unveiling a cheaper PS3 edition, Sony might offer Wii, priced around $250, and Xbox 360, the price of whose cheapest model that sans hard drive is $199, some tough competition.

PS3 Mini
Besides PS3 Slim, Sony is also gearing up to launch 15 PSP Minis this fall. PSP Minis are downloadable games, which will occupy not more than 100MB of your storage space. These small games have been designed specifically for PSP Go, which will also arrive during the fall. Compared to the cost of downloading a full-scale game on your PSP, it will cost far less to buy and install PSP Mini games on the PSP Go. Beginning with 15 titles, such as MiniGore, Hero of Sparta, Tetris and Fieldrunners, PSP Mini games will include around 50 titles by the end of this year.