Protect Your Child From Online Dangers

online-dangers Almost every kid has access to internet. You always find your child browsing the web or playing online games. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous elements use the web as a weapon to hurt children. The web has become a favorite hangout for pedophiles. At the same time, it is difficult to trace people who indulge in child pornography. Therefore, it is the duty of every parent to protect your child from the dangers of internet.

Become computer literate
At first before giving your child access to the internet, make sure that you are computer literate. A computer literate parent can help to track the activities of the child.

Where to place the computer
You should never place the computer in your child’s room. Always place the computer in a high traffic area of your house. This will help you to monitor what your child is doing and viewing.

Limit computer use
Discourage your child to spend long periods online. Never allow kids to use computer in the night when everyone is sleeping.

Monitor online activities
You can use screening software to monitor your child’s online activities. Tell your child not to reveal any personal information online, including name, address, phone number, school name, name of parents and teachers. Tell your child not to post or send his or her pictures on the web. He/she should not create online profiles. Encourage your child to immediately report about obscene, threatening or strange messages. Your child should immediately tell you when she comes across a website, which makes her uncomfortable. Tell your child not to meet an online friend in person.

Risk of instant messaging
Instant messaging can land your child into trouble. Check your child’s friends list and tell him/her to identify everyone on the list. You should let your child know that you are monitoring his activities. If you find an inappropriate name on the list, delete the person from the list and block him from further conversation. Tell your child to tell his/her friends, that you are monitoring his chatting activities.

Take help from your ISP
Take advantage of the parental control, provided by your Internet Service Provider, to block undesirable materials from reaching your computer. You can also block bad sites with certain software and filtering programs.