Prom preparation – shopping for the dress

prom-dresses Prom time signals frenzied shopping trips to boutiques and bridal stores in search of the perfect dress. Most girls have fixed ideas about their prom dresses – either a design they saw in a fashion magazine or a dress worn by an actress in a popular teen movie.

But remember that what looks good on models and stars may not necessarily be suitable for you. Know your body, style and budget before setting your heart on a particular dress.

Prom plan

Having a plan is a good way to avoid disappointment at the last minute. Make a list of what you need: dress, shoes, make-up, hairstyle appointment at the parlor, jewelry etc. Start your shopping early so that you have time for alterations and fixing unexpected dress disasters.

Prom pocket size

Draw up a budget: how much money you have and how much you need to spend. Check out the cost of prom dresses and other accessories in advance, so you can start saving money. Inform your parents about how much money you’ll need.


Browse through various magazines and catalogs for dress ideas. There may be many new or vintage styles that you might not be aware of. Keep an open mind about the dress design. Listen to advice of friends and family. They may have a better idea of what looks good on you.

In case you have a seamstress in the family, you can request her to make a dress. Remember a hand-made dress can look more stylish than a ready-made one and it will cost less as well.

Only for you

Try on a variety of dresses to find one that truly suits your figure and style. Buy a dress only after you are fully satisfied with how it looks on you. Also keep comfort in mind.

Avoid buying something that requires you to sit in one place like a decked up doll. Prom will involve dancing as well so ensure that your dress allows you to move comfortably.

Have fun shopping and buy a dress that will guarantee a memorable prom.