Progressive dining

progressive-dining Progressive dinner parties may not be very common but are nevertheless an enjoyable way of getting together with friends and having fun. They have all the elements of a normal dinner party, but each course is served at a different house. The tagline, therefore, is to keep moving!

The concept
In a progressive dinner, each course of the meal is served at varied houses. The number of hosts can vary from 3 – 5; the smaller, the better. Also, the houses should be close to each other, so that traveling time is minimal. It would be ideal to plan a progressive dinner party in one neighborhood or an apartment building.

In a hostel or college dorm, progressive dinner parties can serve as a great weekend entertainment. Each dorm room can host the party and the guests can move from one room to another.

Progressive dinner, lunch or brunch parties provide variety in entertainment. Since the scene of each course is different, there is plenty of chance to enjoy new things. One can hardly be idle here. Besides, it is also suitable for those who are budget-conscious to have a progressive dinner party as the cost of the dinner is shared by many.

Ask each host to decorate their house in varied styles. The change in scene will be refreshing for all involved. Plan the menu around a particular theme and inform all hosts in advance so they can start preparing.

A three-course meal is the easiest – appetizers and drinks, main course and dessert. You can allot sufficient time for each course, and everyone can have a leisurely time.

Inform all guests about the time, places and plan for the dinner party. Decide on the numbers according to the capacity of the hosts providing the meal.

At such events, the purpose is to have fun. So keep your cool and relax – little things do go wrong when people and food are involved. You can’t control everything.