Problems Associated with Septate Uterus

septate-uterus Septate Uterus

Uterus plays an important role in a woman’s life and with out which her life will be incomplete. This is because it is the uterus which carries the baby. Uterus is connected to the fallopian tube which in turn carries the egg produced by the ovary. The egg on uniting with the sperm becomes fetus and this fetus gets implanted in the uterine wall. Later placenta will develop on the uterine wall and supplies all the nutrients and oxygen to the baby through its umbilical cord.

In certain women there will be a band of fibrous tissues running in between the uterus and is called the septum. This septum lacks many of the blood vessels and the fetus that gets implanted on this septum will not get enough nutrients and oxygen and there will be miscarriages or malformation to the babies. In most of the cases the baby won’t grow after a period. The miscarriage in such cases ranges from 25 % to 47 %.

If the fetus is implanting on the normal uterus wall then it will get all nutrients and oxygen from the placenta developed on the normal uterus wall. The space inside the uterus will be less here and the baby can’t move easily and along with that the pressure exerted on the uterus walls will be more. The excess pressure on uterus stimulates the uterus to contract and expel the baby. All these conditions may leads to a preterm delivery resulting in a premature baby. In most cases the position of the baby may not be correct and it demands a caesarian.

Causes of Septate Uterus

Septate uterus is formed due to the malformation of the uterus while she was inside her mother’s womb. Hence it is a congenital malformation.  This can be due to the malnutrition, poor diet, smoking, excessive use of alcohol, excessive use of drugs etc of the mother.

Diagnosis of Septate Uterus

From the ultra sound scanning your doctor may get some clues about the septum and but he can’t confirm it. For confirming the septate uterus you have to go for another more advanced technique called hysteroscopy or (HSG) hysterosalpingogram.

Treatment for Septate Uterus

While doing hysteroscopy your doctor can resect the septum and this will helps you to avoid the tensions and preterm delivery.