Primer for Summer

primer-for-summer We love the changes that come with summer but wearing make up in this season is surely a big problem. The lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, kohl, and everything else seems to melt away. Therefore, in summer you should aim to apply makeup in a very simple manner and it should make you feel as comfortable as possible. You should not be feeling all caked up.

Summer Woes

When humidity and heat combine together, you face a big challenge to put on your favorite make up. However, if you make some small alterations in your beauty regime then you can surely look gorgeous without looking as if color is bleeding from your face.

Make Up Tips

Now you can follow these make up tips for summer so that you look dewy fresh and radiant at the same time. Even if you have to go out in the sun and sweat it out, you will not look dull or unattractive.

Primer Magic

In summer you really cannot do without a primer. All you need to do is take a few seconds to brush on the primer on your face. Do it immediately after applying moisturizer. Then you can wear your face make up. Actually it offers a nice base for your make up so that it stays longer. For extra effects you can also rub an ice cube on your face before using the primer.

Lightweight Primer

If you thought that a primer would make your skin feel heavy then you are wrong because a primer is light and you will not feel as if you have a thick layer on your face. Choose a primer by a good brand and you will be able to look bright throughout the day even when others keep sweating and cursing the heat. Your make up will surely look better after using it.