Preventing Tooth Decay

preventing-tooth-decay To satisfy our appetite, we eat different types of foods. The food debris, especially the remnants of carbohydrate and sugary food, remaining behind in our mouths stick to the teeth. Bacteria present in the mouth feed on these foods debris, producing acids that gradually destroy the outer surface or enamel of the teeth, causing tooth decay. Through proper oral routine, you can easily prevent tooth decay.

Carbohydrates and tooth decay
Carbohydrate and sugar are the primary enemies of your teeth. As soon as these foods enter our mouth, they mingle with the digestive juices present in the saliva in the mouth, starting the digestion process. A small part of the carbohydrate food breaks down into simple sugar inside the mouth.

These simple sugars, in the form of glucose and fructose, are exposed to the bacteria present in our mouths. The bacteria start producing acids as they react with the sugar contents present in the mouth. The acids dissolve the tooth enamel producing tooth decay. If no effort is made to remove the acids from the mouth, tooth decay will gradually destroy the tooth enamel, producing cavities.

Vitamin C for preventing tooth decay
Citrus foods have been used from centuries for preventing tooth decay. Vitamin C present in citrus fruits prevents tooth decay by killing the harmful bacteria present in our mouth, which are responsible for tooth decay. However, while consuming citrus fruit, avoid fruit juices loaded with sugar. The sugar added to the juices will offset the benefits of vitamin C.

Chewing gum
To protect your teeth from decay, chewing gum can come to your aid. While chewing the gum, the saliva secretion increases in your mouth.

Saliva contains minerals that help to replenish the minerals lost by our teeth. However, while selecting chewing gum, choose only the sugar free ones.

Eat Fiber
Just like chewing gum, chewing high fiber vegetables and fruits could prevent tooth decay by stimulating saliva production. Eating leafy green vegetables and dried fruits could be beneficial for your teeth.

Drink fluoridated water
Drinking at least one pint of fluoridated water each day can prevent dental decay.

Regular brushing
To remove the food debris and acids from the teeth, brush your teeth with fluoride based toothpaste, at least twice every day. For best results, you must brush your teeth after every meal.