Prevent Teens and Kids from Smoking

kids-from-smoking Kids and teens tend to start smoking influenced by various factors including ads, movies, friends and others. It is the responsibility of parents to prevent them from smoking at the initial stage itself.

Children generally starts smoking prior to high school education. Make sure that your child feels smoking is a bad habit.

Risks of Tobacco Smoking

Explain the risks associated with smoking of tobacco to your children. They may say something, but they hear you. Everyday over 4400 kids are being addicted to smoking. Prevent your kids from unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking. Kids will also have a tendency to try smoking with heroin, cocaine and marijuana.

Kids should understand the risks in using tobacco. Smoking can cause various diseases such as heart disease, cancer and lung disease. The risks associated with tobacco chewing include gum disease, heart attacks and nicotine addiction. Many people die in the US due to the frequent use of tobacco.

Cigarette smoke consists of more than 4000 chemicals and over 40 carcinogens.

A person smoking a cigarette is inhaling various chemicals including nicotine, tar, benzene, acetone, ammonia and carbon monoxide.

Nicotine is addictive similar to heroine or cocaine. It also affects stomach, nervous system, lungs and heart besides the mood. The people, who started smoking, get addicted to nicotine in the first few days of smoking.

Health risks of smoking include throat irritation, cough, blood pressure, emphysema and bronchitis.

Secondary smoke is also harmful. It is estimated that over 3000 people, who are likely to suffer from lung cancer through secondary smoking, die every year. It causes lung infections including bronchitis and pneumonia. It also results in colds, coughing, wheezing and asthma attacks.

Tell your kids to stay away from secondary smoking.

It is estimated that over 3000 children aged below 18 years in the US alone start smoking everyday. About 1200 people in the US alone die due to illnesses related to smoking each day.

Is the Hand Rolled Cigarettes Safe?

Hand rolled cigarettes are cheaper when compared with branded cigarettes. Children may smoke fewer cigarettes if they choose hand rolled option. It will take time to hand roll the cigarettes. However, it is not also a healthy habit.

The kids smoking hand rolled cigarettes likely to suffer from mouth cancer, oesophageal cancer and lung cancer.

Don’t encourage even this hand rolled option.