Prevent premature graying of hair by simple home remedies

greying-of-hair It is natural for the hair to loose its original color due to advancing age, but if the hair becomes grey prematurely then it makes the young ones look old. The hair is composed of the same kind of cells which are found in the upper layer of the skin, known as epidermis. There are tiny holes in the epidermis known as follicles. The scalp generates an oily substance known as sebum which is responsible for the nutrient of the hair and also makes the hair look black. Hair cannot be fed from outside; it must receive all the nutrients from the bloodstream


The main two causes of premature greying of hair are faulty diet and stress. If the daily food lacks in nutrients such as vitamin B, iron, copper and iodine then the hair grows gray faster. Mental tension also creates a reaction on the scalp and thus results in affecting the hair. Heredity is also a factor of premature graying of hair. The other factors includes washing the hair in hot water, keeping it unclean , use of hair color, dyes etc.

Simple home remedies

Indian gooseberry has been considered a magical fruit for the treatment of premature graying. This fruit not only stops graying but has all such rich nutrients that nourish the hair. Gooseberry should be cut into pieces and dried in the shade, and then the pieces are soaked in coconut oil and boiled till the fruit becomes dust like.  Massaging the hair with this solution decreases the hair greying. You can also rinse the hair with the water in which gooseberry has been soaked overnight. Make a mixture of gooseberry juice, almond oil and few drops of lime juice and massage your scalp daily for the best results.

You can also use pure butter made from cow’s milk to prevent graying of hair. The butter is to be consumed daily and a little has to be massage in the roots of the hair.