Prepare Your Baby Bubble Bath

Bubble baths can make bath time enjoyable for babies. Homemade bubble baths are usually safe for children. Always use mild soaps for making the bubble bath.In addition, bubble bath for babies should not contain strong perfumes and artificial colors.

Homemade bubble bath recipe
To make baby bubble bath you need a cup of baby shampoo, half-teaspoon of coconut or sweet almond oil and ¾ cup of water. Mix the ingredients in a plastic bottle. Shake the ingredients well and add the soapy solution to the bath water of your baby.

You can even make a nice bubble bath by dissolving two cups of grated baby soap in about one gallon water. To dissolve the soap flakes, pour the water in a large pot and add the soap flakes. On low heat, simmer the solution, until the soap flakes are dissolved.

Remove the soapy solution from the stove and allow it to cool. Add a tablespoon of glycerin to the soapy solution at room temperature. Store this soapy solution in a clean bottle.

Before bath, add a cup of the soapy solution in the bath water and your child’s bubble bath will be ready. You can even add few drops of orange, lemon or lavender essential oil to the bathwater.

Side effects of bubble bath
It is advisable to avoid bubble bath until your child is three years old. Bubble baths might increase the risk of infection of the urinary tract in children. Soaps, deodorants and other ingredients in bubble bath might irritate the urethra of the child, causing pain during urination.

If urination becomes painful for the child, he/she will avoid urination. If urine remains in the bladder for a long time, bacteria will multiply in the bladder, leading to urinary tract infection. Compared to boys, girls have a greater risk of urinary tract infections.

To avoid urinary tract infection, rinse the urethra of the child properly to remove all traces of soap. Encourage your child to urinate after the bubble bath. This helps to eliminate bacteria from the urinary tract. Avoid bubble bath if your child develops symptoms of urinary tract infection, vomits or has diarrhea.