Pregnancy Workout

Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy is not the time to bid adieu to workouts. Despite the physical discomfort, every pregnant woman should spend some time exercising. If a pregnant woman is not suffering from a specific health problem that requires rest, she should adopt an active lifestyle for the sake of healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy workout – benefits

Exercising for at least half an hour should be enough for reducing several pregnancy related problems that frequently bothers pregnant women accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. Regular pregnancy workout could reduce preeclampsia or high blood pressure level during pregnancy. Risk of developing gestational diabetes could be lowered with the help of regular pregnancy workouts.

Workouts during this important phase of a woman’s life could facilitate delivery, prevent excess weight gain and will help a pregnant woman regain her pre-pregnancy shape fast, after delivery. Regular physical activities commensurate with your health condition could lift your mood and prevent depression during pregnancy.

Pregnancy workout – exercises

Keep aside your strenuous workout schedules during this time. Simple exercises could help a pregnant woman achieve her exercise target. Swimming, walking and pedaling a stationary bike are suitable workouts during pregnancy. It is advisable to exercise early in the morning, especially if you are bothered by edema or fluid build up in the ankle and feet. If you are suffering from edema, swimming and pedaling stationary bike are safer workouts.

Stretch exercises along with strength exercises are beneficial for preventing back pain, a common problem developing during pregnancy. Stretching the pelvic, thigh and chest muscles are beneficial workouts during pregnancy. Wall push ups and simple squats could be done during pregnancy. However, the moment you experience any discomfort, stop your stretching workout, modify your position and repeat the workout.

To reduce the pain and duration of labor, you can attend yoga classes. Yoga posses could strengthen the muscles associated with childbirth. Moreover, meditation during pregnancy could calm the mind and reduce pregnancy related stress.

Wear oversized pregnancy clothes while exercising. Oversized athletic shoes are suitable for accommodating swollen feet. Don’t remain in the same position for a long time. Avoid full sit-ups and workouts that strain the pelvic muscles.