Pregnancy Third Trimester – Problems and Solutions

The third or the last trimester of pregnancy is a crucial moment in the life of both the mother and the child. The third trimester of pregnancy starts from the twenty-sixth week and ends when the child is delivered. During this time, your body will undergo specific changes. You might experience changes in your emotions as you eagerly wait for the most important day of your life. Often the last term of pregnancy is the most uncomfortable stage of pregnancy.

Body changes
As your baby becomes larger and heavier in the third trimester of pregnancy, you will start gaining about one pound of body weight every week.

The rapidly growing fetus will exert pressure on your ribs, abdomen and back. Pain in the rib and heartburn are common problems experienced by women in the third trimester of pregnancy. As the uterus expands, stretch marks will start appearing on the abdomen.

Constipation, backache, lower abdominal pain and leg cramps are experienced by women in the third trimester of pregnancy. As your body becomes larger, you might experience leg cramps, shortness of breath and sleeping difficulties. Water retention or edema, characterized by swelling of feet and ankles are natural symptoms of pregnancy in the last trimester.

Emotional changes
Your body changes would also trigger emotional changes. Sleeping difficulty and discomfort while moving around would make you irritated. As the final moment approaches, you might experience mood swings. At times, you would feel extremely energetic, whereas at times you will feel tired.

Dealing with third trimester problems
Through diet and modification in your lifestyle, you could tackle the discomforts experienced in the last trimester of pregnancy. You should take a balanced nutritious meal during the final term of pregnancy. Often during the third trimester of pregnancy, women become fuller easily.

To ensure that your body gets the required amount of calories, you should divide your large meals into several small meals. You should also increase your calcium intake during this time. The bones of the baby develop fast in the last trimester of pregnancy.

However, check that your calcium intake does not exceed 2500mg. You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes during this time. Exercises such as walking at moderate speed could be beneficial for women in the last trimester of pregnancy.