Pregnancy – Some Safety Precautions

pregnancy-precautions Nutrition forms a very crucial part of pregnancy, but you should know what foods to avoid at this important stage of your life. You should be clear about what you should stay away from. If you follow these tips then you can be sure of delivering a healthy and hearty baby.

Undercooked and Raw Seafood

You need to stay away from undercooked and raw seafood because they are sources of harmful viruses and bacteria. You should not have refrigerated smoked seafood. One example of this type of seafood is lox. Canned versions of seafood are ok and you can also have smoked seafood if it is combined with other cooked dishes.

You should avoid shellfish as well as raw fish and the biggest culprits are clams and oysters. Make it a point to cook seafood well. You can determine whether a fish is cooked or not by looking at it. If it is completely opaque then it has been cooked properly. If you are cooking oysters, clams, and mussels then you should cook until the shells snap open. You need to cook scallops, shrimps, and lobsters and until they appear milky in color.

Seafood and Mercury

Omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood are very helpful in promoting the development of your baby’s brain but the problem is that certain shellfish and fish have high levels of mercury. Extra amounts of mercury can hinder the development of your baby’s nervous system. You should stay away from fish such as swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, and shark during pregnancy.

Cooked catfish, shrimp, cod, pollock, salmon, and canned light tuna are safe options for you.

Some Healthy Tips

You should always cook eggs until the whites and yolks become hard. Bacteria salmonella can be present in raw eggs. You should not buy pre-stuffed raw poultry. It is not safe at all.