Poster art for your house

White living room 2 Having posters on your walls does not mean you’re a teenager living in a dorm. Decorating with posters can be an art if you know how to use them. And we’re not just talking about tacking a life-size poster of a famous supermodel. There’s more to posters than what meets the eye.

People with passionate hobbies can, and do, decorate their living spaces with posters of their favorites. A football fan will have his team’s colors and posters around his room, whereas a nature lover would prefer to live amidst the beautiful sights of birds, flowers and snow-capped peaks.

The best part about decorating with posters is that they’re inexpensive and easily available. You can browse online or haunt the local art supply stores. Buy frames as well for you can’t expect glue or cello tape to look like art.

Select your theme
Let your posters have something in common. If movies are your madness, then find the best movie posters you can. From classics to sci-fi blockbusters, there’s a plethora of choices open in front of you.

Being with the times
Posters from famous time periods lend a magical quality to your home. They can give you the feeling of actually living in that era – the 1960’s, ‘70’s or ‘80’s. Go back further in time with some Renaissance art, Gothic ambience or Victorian styles. It may take some research but the result will be worth the effort.

Thinking out of the box
Who says posters have to be there just for decoration and ambience? They can be useful and attractive as wall décor. Get posters with thoughtful quotes or short poems printed on them to spread a little positive energy.

Students can frame posters that are related to their subject and carry relevant information. This way they can learn and enjoy as well. Posters that spread social awareness messages don’t belong only in doctor’s clinics. You can have them in your home too. Just make sure they’re not too graphic.

Transform your home whenever you feel like it with new posters!