Pool party attire

pool-party-attire Pool parties are mainly about swimming and sunbathing. So wearing a little black dress is not the best idea; unless for some strange reason, the party invite says ‘formal wear’. Your dress code should be casual and comfortable to blend in with the cool atmosphere.

Of course, a bathing suit is a must at a pool party. The exception is only if you can’t or don’t want to swim. Besides this essential piece of clothing, you’ll need to wear something that will look more appropriate when you’re not in the water.

Bright and light
Black might be a little too somber for a pool party. Think colorful and bright when planning your pool party outfit. You can choose from flowery patterns in light green, blue, yellow or pink or printed dresses and tops.

Relaxed and easy
You can wear a dress on top of your bathing suit or carry the latter with you and change at the party. What you wear depends on your personal taste. You can wear a wraparound skirt or sarong along with a top. The more sporty kind can wear t-shirts and shorts. Add a little glamour with stylish earrings, prints and designs.

If you’re hosting the pool party, then you’ll need to dress appropriately for your role. This doesn’t mean you need to wear formal suits and gowns and deprive yourself of all the fun. Make your pool attire stand out with some glitter and shine, a stylish hair cut, attractive jewelry etc.

Wearing heels of any kind where there’s water can only cause disastrous accidents. Colorful flip flops would be ideal for pool party wear. You can also select comfortable sandals or shoes, provided they don’t get ruined when wet.

Accessorize right
Hats would be perfect to shield your eyes against the sun. A pool party is also a good time to show off your new sunglasses. Bright scarves can also be made a part of your pool side outfit.

Dress to impress but also to have fun. It’s a pool party so relax and enjoy the water and sun.