Pogoplug- a hard drive for the internet

pogoplug Pogoplug is a very simple and cheap product that connects with the pc through the USB port and can be used as an external hard disk or flash drive. This device also connects to the home internet. Through this you can put lot of files on the web for viewing by other people. When this device is connected to the web it can be accessed by anyone who is surfing. This device also connects with the Local network that can be accessed by all the home networked computers as a share drive.

The device has an easy user interface and can be installed very easily. You don’t have to open the ports on your router and configure NAS to access the sites. This device has a unique identifying code that if entered in the company’s site would give you your device’s web address .Also the servers of the device automatically sets up the routing for you and you don’t have to configure any other device. To connect this device.

The other main features of this device are that you can upload your file to a sharing server like youtube or Flick. You will find how fast this device is in uploading files over the net. This device also gives you more control over your resources on the web. You can update or delete your files whenever you want and also set access permission rights for certain users.

The other features of the device are -iPhone interface, which can be used both for upload or viewing and an open API for developers. This device has an enhanced security feature. The price of the device is about $99.00. One more facility of the system is that when you upload you file in the net then other people can access that with an increased speed compared to that of broadband. Every one should try it out to know about its special features.