Playing Sudoku- Few Tips

playing-sudoku Among the various indoor games, Sudoku has become one of the most popular puzzle games in the world. The game requires intellect, a calculative mind and a little patience. Not only kids, but grown up people also love to play Sudoku in their leisure time. Sudoku is a really interesting game. If you are feeling bored, open the Sudoku page in the newspaper and start playing. Your time will soon pass. However, you must know the techniques of playing the puzzle. Check out the following tips and enjoy the game.

The magic of Sudoku is that if you start playing the game, you cannot leave it in the middle. It makes you crazy until you finish the game by filling in all the grids with numbers. However, you must concentrate on the game so that you can calculate the numbers in the right way. There can be various labels of Sudoku such as gentle, moderate, and so on. Start with the gentle one and when you become an expert in it, you can play any of the types.

The Method of Playing: There will be 81 boxes (9X9 = 81) in a bigger square. All these 81 small grids would be divided into 9 squares. Within those 9 squares there will be again 9 smaller grids. Some of these 9X9 grids will be already filled up by some numbers and you have to fill in the rest of the grids with digits starting from 1 to 9. You should arrange the numbers in such a manner that each row, each column and each mini grid should contain the digits 1 to 9. However, no number should be repeated in any grid. For your comfort, you can use a pencil initially for your rough calculation. Mark the places with numbers you think would be right and when you finally calculate the numbers erase the pencil marks.