Playing Crossword Puzzles

crossword-puzzles Crossword puzzle is a very popular game among all the age groups. It is a very interesting and at the same time very intellectual game. Especially children should play crosswords as many new words can be learnt through this game. A strong vocabulary is required for playing crosswords. You have to know the synonyms, antonyms and meanings of lots of words. Crossword puzzles are not only a great pass time activity but also a very healthy hobby. You will get these games in many places like in the newspapers and in the magazines. You can also find many crossword puzzles on the internet. Besides, some special books are also available which are only about crossword puzzles.

The rules of the game: Crosswords is a very easy and simple game. Anyone of any age can play this game. You just have to have a good stock of words. There will be a number of small boxes in a bigger square. Some of them are black boxes and some are empty boxes with some specific numbers in them. You have to fill up those empty boxes with the right words. Below the Bigger square some statements and words would be given in two different sections i.e. ‘Across’ and ‘Down. Your job is to understand the statements and fill up the across (horizontal) empty boxes and down (vertical) empty boxes with the right words and phrases.

Getting Started: In the beginning while starting the game, it will be difficult for you to fill up the blank places in the crossword puzzle. So, initially you have to take the help of a dictionary. See the meanings of the words and the right spellings. Then gradually, you would become an expert in playing crossword puzzles. For learning more, you can carry those crossword puzzles with you everywhere go and start thinking about the words whenever you get a little time.