Planning a tailgate party

tailgatin-party An important part of the exciting experience of watching a sports match is a tailgate party. Game lovers have parties outside the stadium before, after or during the game. Tailgate refers to the hinged door at the back of a vehicle that can be opened. Parties are usually held on or around the tailgate.

Tailgating is mostly a casual affair but needs planning as you won’t be the only one having a tailgate party.

Location, location

If you’re planning a tailgate party for the first time, you need to reserve the place where you want to have your party beforehand. Professional tailgaters mark their territories much in advance and you should be careful not to encroach on their places. There’s no point in fighting when you want to have fun.

Once you have a fixed place, decorate it. Put up your favorite team’s flag, posters, logos etc on and around your vehicle. You can also wear your team’s colors.

Arrive early at the location as you’ll need time to set up for the party. Time for cleaning up after you’re done also needs to be accounted for. Memorize the kick-off time and plan your schedule accordingly.

Carry it all

Make a list of all the items needed and pack them in advance. Bring food that can be packed in small bags and containers. Traditional tailgate party menus include hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, potato salads and sweets. Drinks usually include beer, wine, cocktails etc.

Paper and plastic plates and glasses are best for such parties as they can be disposed off easily. If you plan to have a barbecue, ensure that you carry the required equipment and have enough space to arrange it. This needs more time so be prepared for an early start.

Update yourself about the tailgating rules of that particular stadium. Getting into trouble with authorities right before your favorite game will ruin the fun. Clean the area after the party; you’ll need to carry garbage bags for the same.

Happy tailgating!