Planning a sorority event

planning-a-party College years are probably the best years of a student’s life. In addition to realizing their dreams and ambitions, they also become involved in many social activities. Parties, events, formals etc are held on college campuses almost throughout the year. These often belong to various sororities and fraternities.

Sorority parties offer an opportunity to take a break from studies and socialize with people from varied backgrounds. Proper planning and advance preparation will ensure that the event does not turn into an unruly encounter.

Sorority theme

Select a theme that is appropriate to the kind of event you’re hosting. If it’s a formal, you’ll need something elegant like a ‘50’s theme or Victorian ball room theme. For a more casual weekend affair, keep it simple and relaxed.

Once you have a theme, begin the rest of the preparations. The décor, favors, dress code etc need to reflect the theme you have selected. Divide the work among many people. Assign responsibilities for varied elements of the party to each person.

Party invites

Print up invitations for the party after you’ve decided on the theme. Give details of the venue and time. Also highlight the theme and dress code of the party.

Sorority entertainment

For any kind of event, it would be fun to have some entertainment. Try and find an inexpensive local band or a DJ who can provide the music for your party.

If it’s a casual event, select a game or two that can be played during the party. Estimate the time it will take and the number of people required for the game.

Food and drinks

Light snacks, sandwiches, chips and dip etc can be served. Have some vegetarian options ready for those who don’t eat meat. Arrange the food on a buffet table so people can help themselves as and when they wish.

For drinks, ensure that you have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You need to stay alert for minors who may consume alcohol.

Host a great party and make your sorority the talk of the campus.