Planning a garage sale

garage-sale-sign Clutter has a way of accumulating no matter how much you clear it. If you clean out your closets and rid them of unnecessary items, you may find them lying in the basement or garage along with other useless stuff. Getting rid of things is not as easy as throwing them in the garbage.

A good way to make money out of useless items is to have a garage sale. While it takes a lot of planning, organization and hard work, the result will be a cleaner house and a heavier money box.

What to sell

Before you can announce the garage sale, you should collect items that need to be sold. Involve all your family members in a cleaning spree to dig up whatever is not needed. Make sure you have a wide range of items to sell.

When and how

Fix a date on a weekend for the garage sale. Be prepared for unexpected weather changes if you’re having the sale outside. You can also rig up a tent and hold the sale under it.

Advertise through local newspapers. Print up fliers on your computer and put them up in shops, outside schools and shopping stores. Aim to attract shoppers; they generally look for good bargains. Also spread the news through word of mouth.

The items for sale

Organize the items for sale according to category – clothes, books, appliances, jewelry, kitchenware, linen etc. Affix a price tag on each so that buyers know the cost of each item. If you’re willing to negotiate, put up a board mentioning this clearly.

Sale safety

A garage sale attracts large crowds – known and unknown. Ensure that all your valuables are locked up in the house. It is best to have two or three family members supervising the sale.

Buyer and seller

Establishing camaraderie with customers is the mark of a good salesperson. Smile and chat with them and help them if they’re looking for something specific.

Most importantly, enjoy the garage sale and have fun!